Welcome to Base!

Whether you're building a new web application from scratch or creating a mobile-first, responsive website, Base is very easy to learn and use.

Getting started

Before diving into Base, please make sure you have the following tools and basic knowledge:

  • Good understanding of HTML and CSS
  • A good code editor such as Sublime Text Editor
  • Latest installation of Node and NPM
  • A calm and open mind :)


If you are creating a new project from scratch, it is highly recommended you download the base starter template.

Or you can clone the starter-template directly:

git clone https://github.com/matthewhartman/base-starter.git yourwebsite && cd yourwebsite && rm -rf .git npm install && npm start

Alternatively, if you have an existing project, simply install base using NPM:

npm install --save getbase

Once you have Base installed, you can include it into your website with one of the following methods:

Reference the CSS file directly into your website:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/getbase/css/styles.css">

Import via SCSS file:

@import "node_modules/getbase/scss/base";

// Your website styles

@import "node_modules/getbase/scss/base/_helpers";

Import via LESS file:

@import "node_modules/getbase/less/base";

// Your website styles

@import "node_modules/getbase/scss/less/_helpers";

Let's get moving!

Now that you have the latest download and the right tools, let's take a closer look at what the GulpJS file does.