The benefits of using Base for your next web project

Responsive Design

Created to work on all devices big and small, Base has got you covered for your next exciting web project.

Awesome Foundation

Built on Normalize.css, it includes all the foundation styles for typography, lists, tables, blockquotes, forms and more.

Cross Browser

Perfected to work with older browsers (IE7+) and modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Getting started with Base

Before downloading Base, make sure you have some working knowledge of HTML and CSS, an awesome code editor and an efficient SASS / LESS compiler.

|@import "mixins.less"; //Import mixins

// Global Defaults@mobile-width:                   100%;
@tablet-width:                   740px;

Ready to Rock and Roll!

Now that you have the latest build and the right tools, make sure to dive into the documentation for a better understanding.

Base to the face

If you have any suggestions or improvements that can be made to Base, please send me a tweet or email me directly.

Showcase of websites built with Base