Welcome to Base!

Base is developed in SASS / LESS, a powerful CSS pre-processor that helps you write cleaner, more organized, well structured CSS that you can easily maintain over time. Base supports all major browsers and legacy browsers such as IE7.

Getting started

Before diving in, please make sure you have the following prerequisites to ensure smooth and productive development.

  1. A good understanding of HTML and CSS
  2. A code editor such as Sublime Text Editor
  3. A LESS or SASS compiler such as Prepros App
  4. A calm and open mind :)

What's in the box?

A small and minimal download which includes the following:

  • index.html - Basic HTML template which includes jQuery
  • style.css - Base stylesheet for typography, headings, tables, form elements, etc
  • readme.markdown - The Read Me file for Base (feel free to delete this)
  • .htaccess - Apache server caching, compression, and other configuration defaults for Grade-A performance (taken from HTML5 Boilerplate).
  • less (folder):
    • mixins.less - Basic Mixins which include font-size properties and more
    • style.less - The base stylesheet in LESS format
  • sass (folder):
    • mixins.scss - Basic Mixins which include font-size properties and more
    • style.scss - The base stylesheet in SASS format
  • images (folder):
    • favicon.ico - Standard 32x32 favicon
    • apple-touch-icon (x3) - All three sizes of Apple touch icons for iPhone 3, iPad and iPhone 4 with retina
  • js (folder):
    • default.js - Default javascript file (includes combined plugins and scripts)
    • modernizr.js - Custom build of Modernizr to check for JS and SVG support

Let's get moving!

Now that you have the latest download and great prerequisites, let's take a closer look at the global CSS.