Welcome to Base!

Whether you're building a new web application from scratch or creating a mobile-first, responsive website, Base is very easy to learn and use.

Before we begin

Before you start using Base, please make sure you have the following tools and basic knowledge:

  • Good understanding of HTML and CSS
  • A good code editor such as Sublime Text Editor
  • Latest installation of Node and NPM
  • GulpJS installed globally
  • Bower installed globally (optional)
  • A calm and open mind :)

Grab the latest download

Below are a few ways to get the latest build:

  • Download the source code directly from Github
  • Grab the latest build using Git.
    git clone git@github.com:matthewhartman/base.git
  • Install and manage using NPM.
    npm i getbase
  • Install and manage Base using Bower.
    bower i base

What's in the box?

After extracting Base, you will find the following file structure at the top level:

    |-- dist/
    |-- src/
    |-- bower.json
    |-- changelog.markdown
    |-- gulpfile.js
    |-- package.json
    |-- readme.markdown

What are all these files?

A breakdown of the files and folders are as follows:

  • `dist`: this is where the final state of your application is compiled into.
  • `src`: you work on your application / website in here.
  • `bower.json`: the bower file.
  • `changelog.markdown`: the change log file (this can be deleted).
  • `gulpfile.js`: the GulpJS configuration file.
  • `package.json`: the packages required for the GulpJS configuration.
  • `readme.markdown`: the read me file for Base (this can be deleted).

Let's get moving!

Now that you have the latest download and the right prerequisites, let's take a closer look at what the GulpJS file does.

Looking for the old docs?

View the old Base v1 documentation.